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Challenging the emerging markets through high-end application architecture development, Performance Tuning & UI enhancement.

Enabling the change for Software Product Engineering

The methods established since long for software product development have changed significantly. Led by the change in the definition of a software product itself, Capgemini enables the positive impact for

  • The technology landscape around the product: modernization, architecture, seamless, cross-channel experience for users
  • The process of software product development: adoption of agile, DevOps, Design Thinking, continuous integration
  • The tools usage across the product development lifecycle: integrated tools, traceability from requirements to versions


Efficiency Across the PDLC

Reduced time to market and R&D cost optimization are key to the success for ISVs. Capgemini’s experience and proven approach focusing on the products mindset provide compelling value proposition to software product owners for best leverage of costs and efforts across the product lifecycle.

Our RightShore model provides the required scalability for new and emerging technologies while providing the flexibility to adapt to the change in customer preferences.


Aligned Business Models

Capgemini brings value as a business partner. We align our business models to the clients’ overall goals with the product and their roadmap of global R&D and product development. Our approach for new product development will be different from helping a client sustain an older but popular product line.

Our Services

  • Product Lifecycle Assessment
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Product Re-engineering
  • Platform Engineering
  • Product Support
  • Product Sustenance 

Software Products for the New Age

  • Cloud native products
  • Mobile adoption
  • Social software integration
  • Cyber Security and Blockchain
  • Usability engineering
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